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Hi. I'm Sarah.
I live in a little old house with my loves: my husband (more on him later) and the sweetest two year old girl. Growing up in the midwest has given me an appreciation for the beauty in truth & simplicity, tenacity, patience (thank you MN winters), and a big heart. I aspire to be many things: writer, foodie, musician, hiker, mother, artist, friend and am amazed at the way God uses Fresh Frame to let me be a little of each.

Your love inspires me! As a girl I always had my nose in a book, and now I tell stories with imagery for a living. Authentic, deliriously happy wedding day stories, with all their hope, elegance and quirky characters. I believe a photograph can make us fall in love all over again with a time, a person or a place. The photo on my dresser of my grandparents in their garden brings me back: a hot summer night, him whistling in the garage, her grin at his famous teasing. The frame of Matt & me laughing (what else could we do!), trying to dress a wet, screaming infant as fast as possible after bath time. How much I loved him in that moment, knowing I'm not on this crazy journey alone.

This feeling, this realizing how blessed we are is what I aim to capture for every client. You can never prepare for that part of the day, when the gratitude hits as hand in hand you turn to face your closest family and friends. They've come to celebrate & wish you every happiness. Documentary photos take you back and I get to take them for you.